GOG Paintball

GOG Paintball picks up right where Smart Parts left off in 2009. That is creating some of the finest paintball equipment in the world of course! Owned and operated by the same people that brought us Smart Parts, GOG Paintball is quickly establishing itself to retake the helm that Smart Parts once held. GOG Paintball is continuing to lead the charge of paintball companies back into the scenario market with their G-1 scenario marker, along with their eNVy and eXTCy markers.


DLX is the producer of the world’s most customizable, premium paintball gun on the planet hands down! When people reach for the tool to help them win, they always choose the Luxe. The preformance is something that can only be described as something out of Heaven, in addition to an appearance that easily was envisioned from Da Vinci as a stone cold killing weapon of choice for many Vatican Assassins.

Scenario Superstore

The Scenario Superstore is the one stop shop for all serious scenario paintballers. The store carries all the top brands from GOG to Valken and everything in between. The store is run by players for players, so you will never see something that the Scenario Superstore does not stand behind. While some stores will sell you just about anything to earn a buck, we take pride in getting the best gear in players hands for the best price.

Valken Sports

Valken Sports has quickly established their place in the industry with their playing apparel, equipment and paint lines. The Delta Paintball Team is proud to be utilizing some of the most exciting new products to burst on the scene in recent memory. With this wide ranging agreement covering multiple facets of the teams operations from the Redemption lines of paint and pants to the multitude of products that Valken distributes, the Delta Paintball Team is prepared for domination on any field of play.


FogTech is hands down the best anti-fog treatment that one can use on their mask. FogTech is the only substance that we trust with our JT Masks. If you want to take the FogTech challenge, come up to us at a event and ask for it, we guarantee that you will want to go out and purchase some for your mask as soon as you get home. For an added discount, type Delta into the coupon code box for 20% off your purchase. Trust us, your never going to look back.