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Just a time stamp for those that care.

As of 3/22/12 the Team is/was no longer sponsored by OXCC. (As per Rick calling me.)

As of 4/8/13 the Team is/was no longer sponsored by Valken. (Waiting to tell them this in person.)

With all the hate being thrown our way nowadays about us hating on women, we’re now racists and who else knows what the dummies will come up with next, I wanted to TIME STAMP this before anything else happened.

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Sponsorships… To have or to not have… That is the question…

Stay tuned for a topic coming out sometime this week (as long as a crisis at my DO doesn’t pop up) about the state of sponsorships. Some may or may not like what we are going to have to say, but who cares.

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Quick Update

I updated the alumni section with some people that for some reason where not up on the list. Go figure.

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Troubling Times Ahead.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

РMartin Niem̦ller

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Finally an update!!

The nice thing about Facebook is that it is so easy to update with what’s going on with the team. The bad thing is that the wordpress format falls by the way side in favor of reaching the 2000+ people that “like” our team page. It is something on my list for 2013 to keep up to date as much as possible! There is some housekeeping that needs to be done here and there, and during the winter, that is going to be goal #1 while there is little actual playing going on.

With that being said, we are getting ready to start Decade II with the team! Most teams are lucky if they make it more then 2 years and we are talking about going on to our eleventh year! We have gone a long way from our humble origins in 2002 and while paintball has definitely changed in a lot of ways, I am proud to say that our “don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks” attitude is still going strong! This is quite evident with some of the guys bringing to light the current trend in scenario paintball; using tragedy to further your own “paintball career.” Make no buts about this, it is despicable at the highest level, but that is what it takes to become “known” in some peoples eyes anymore. Gone are the days of making your name in scenario paintball by working hard. Scenario Paintball is no longer a race to the top, but a race to who can get more Facebook “likes”, YouTube followers or whatever is popular today. To everyone PMing, emailing, calling and everything else to show support with our stand against these people, we call on you to say it publicly also! No one can ever fault you for standing up for what you believe in.

Now I know some people don’t want to publicly comment on anything that may seem controversial as it may lead to falling out of favor with the current flavors of the month, and while I get that, just know that sooner or later people are going to grow tired of them, their schtick and their views that are killing what they think they have to save. Having been involved with paintball for as long as I have, I have seen them all come and go 2 and 3 times over. The people that stick around are the ones that are honest and not trying to impress anyone but themselves.

I hope to post about these topics every few weeks. Even if no one besides a select few reads these posts, I like to view these postings as being the social commentary of the demise of scenario paintball as we knew it.

End of the day, Paintball doesn’t need a savior, it’s in desperate need of an enema.

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Our Trip to GRC Paintball in New York

We had a lot of fun at GRC Paintball in New York this past weekend! It’s always nice getting to play paintball at new fields across the country, and this field is definitely one you should play! With that being said, some of the guys were running video on their new “sniper” rifles from CCM which we are currently testing for the company. These things were shooting First Strike paintballs 100+ yards accurately. Yes, 100+ yards. They are amazing, and the Scenario Superstore is very excited to be carrying them once they are widely available for purchase. (You should buy them from our store though!)

Anyways, here is the first video from the weekend, with some more to follow as they are edited for viewing. Enjoy!

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Our trip to PnL Paintball outside of Boston.

The team had another great trip to PnL Paintball outside of Boston, Ma. We had a great day of kicking paste-eater ass all day long! Sorry for the delay in posting up, with the 4th of July being right after the trip, well, it’s been a busy few weeks!

We have some pictures that will be up shortly from the weekend and are looking forward to attending a new field in New York, GRC Paintball. Come on out!


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Gangland: A House Divided – Big Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to play today! The “W” was great and the action on the field was literally back and forth all day! We would again like to thank Tiberius Arms for donating the Tac 8.1 pistol for the pre-reg giveaway and also to OXCC and Valken Sports for the giveaways!

The final scores were:

Redwood Devils MC: $51,865.00
40 Thieves MC: $35,795.00

The awards went to:

Redwood Devils MC:

MVT: Dirty Mercs
MVP: “Alpha” from Enormous Sausage
MoFo: Pub Crawling

40 Thieves:

MVP: “Anthony” (If you are on PbN, please PM me)
MoFo: Knight Stalkers

As always, we are always looking for constructive feedback to make our games that much better. Please shoot me a PM or email me at foote@deltapaintball.com

Again, thank you to everyone who came out and also to our generals. “Balz” from Joint Fury and “Harb” from The Moles.

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A Big Thank You to Tiberius Arms!

We just wanted to thank Tiberius Arms again for stepping up to support Gangland: A House Divided!

Everyone, please visit them at: http://www.tiberiusarms.com/

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Some guys playing this weekend.

Hey all,

Some of the guys are going to be getting together for some rec play at On Target Paintball this Sunday. Everyone is welcome to come on out and play some rec play, nothing to serious though. One of the guys is taking his son out for the first time, so we are going to be breaking him in slowly.

We will be at the field from about 9:00am to 3:00pm. Hopefully we can see some of you out there!