“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.”

The history of the Delta Paintball Team is one that will not be shied away from. The past is what molded us into the team we are today, the experiences we have gained both positive and negative alike is why we are “those guys” that some either love to play with, or cant stand the sight of. Regardless of what you feel, you will admit that we are always right when it comes to standing for a issue.

With that being said, we have compiled some of our old stories, the original organization of the team and some other stuff thrown in for good measure. From the not so flattering to the ground breaking. Our story has always been open book, and we have striven to set an example for others looking to achieve success within the sport.


Operation: Pennsylvania Freedom is a series of short stories written by Jeffrey Swaim during the summer of 2003. The story stems from a series of incidents involving the founders of the team complied together to form the premise for the teams hilarious invasion of Pennsylvania. The original intent was purely for jest amongst those associated with the team, but as we gained members from Pennsylvania, we re-released the story to piss them off. (haha) We present to you the stories as they appeared originally. (Click each image for that weeks story.)


Rates of the Delta Paintball Team. When the team was still in its infant stages, we were very much a “milsim” scenario team. We went as far as to develop our own rates for scenario play. These varied from that of a Combat Engineer to a Sniper. Yes the dreaded S word. To our defense we did not know any better at this point, as we refer to the time period as the Dark Ages of the team. We have listed below in all of their glory, the information on the rates for the Delta Paintball Team. (Click each image for that rate’s information.)


Organization of the Delta Paintball Team. When the team first started to play paintball, we set out to model the team after a real military unit. We had company’s and platoon’s, ranks and a command structure, hell we even wore helmets that we classified as “pevlar”. (Paintball equivalent of Kevlar.) This a main reason why a lot of the guys on the team are very outspoken when it comes to the “milsim” mindset that some have for paintball.

Not because we are haters, but because we were there years ago and realized it was doing more harm then good for our game. This is not war, wearing a full load vest and carrying 2 air tanks, a case of paint, rations and everything else some people carry on themselves is only weighing you down. When you are a slower target, you tend to get shot out first. When you are a bigger target, you tend to have different parts of you hit first. Starting to see a trend?

Organizational Tool and Chart: This outlines the process of forming your own Company or Platoon within the Delta Paintball Team command structure.

Rights and Responsibilities: The rights, responsibilities and rules for Delta Paintball Team Companies and Platoons. If you have additional questions about anything listed within the rights and responsibilities, please contact us for more details.

Team Bylaws: The bylaws of the Delta Paintball Team as written at the end of 2003 and approved on January 1st, 2004. The team was governed by these bylaws for the 2004-2006 seasons. After the team incorporated in the summer of 2006, the team moved to being run as a corporation, hence you will often see Delta Paintball, Inc. in place of the Delta Paintball Team.