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Castle Conquest at Camp Blanding

BLUE, DEUCE, and DRAXXUS bring PAINTBALL BACK TO BLANDING! “BLANDING CONQUEST”  The date is set for February 19th and 20th of 2011 and BLUE and DEUCE are bringing south the “Pure Paintball Insanity” of CASTLE CONQUEST and using BLANDING for a true Town Assault and Defend. Anyone that has played this MOUT site will realize […]

Truth in Advertising and Concepts of the Unbiased Review

To get the ball rolling, quite a few people have questioned why we are constantly pointing out peoples unannounced connections to companies, fields and services when they are painting a rosy picture of said products and services. Well folks, we refer to it as ethics, a concept that a growing number of scenario teams and […]

Partnership Page up and running.

I am happy to announce that there is another little thing to make the site that much better. I have finished the partnership page with google that allows everyone to access their deltapaintball.com email address along with having a hub page to access a variety of applications. The link can be found at the bottom […]

A minor setback

We were hopping to release a new project we have been working on, but due to some issues with the database being corrupted, and everything being lost, including the backup. So, instead of mid-March release, we are looking more towards the end of March, early April. Keep checking your in-boxes for updates, as its going […]

Lowering The Bar.

Lowering the Bar. Let’s start things off by first explaining what the bar is. There used to be a standard by which excellence was measured in paintball. If you dared to push yourself hard enough and reach your fullest potential, you were looked at as being apart from your peers. This wasn’t a mark of […]

2010 NXe Paintball Catalog

NXe Paintball has released their 2010 Catalog. Be sure to check it out at: http://www.nxepictures.com/NXe_Catalog2010_web.pdf When your done drooling over all the new items, be sure to check out the sponsored teams section. You may see a familiar team.

Success With Sponsors 2.0

Gaining that all important sponsor during a recession. In these tough economic times, sponsorships in general are becoming more infrequent, as companies are looking to squeeze every dollar for as far as it can go. This is most evident within the paintball industry itself, as companies are doing everything within their power just to keep […]

The Delta Paintball Machine Part II

Enjoy the second part detailing the Delta Paintball Machine….a juggernaut of a team with a long history in the game and a reputation to match.To pick up where we left off, Team Captain Josh Foote answers a number of questions posed to him by The Catshack Reports. Josh what is the teams favorite paintball field […]

The Delta Paintball Machine Part I

Here is a paintball team unlike any I have yet come across in all of my travels. The Team itself has received more mention in various media publications…has more honors and has a rather extensive membership than any other team I have spoken with on the internet. The team was formed in the spring of […]

Immortal Paintball

Check out http://immortalpaintball.com/ and socialize with fellow paintballers. Trust me, you know you wanna do it. So do it.