Welcome to the official home of the Delta Paintball Team, a division of Delta Paintball, Inc.

The Delta Paintball Team (DPT) was founded in the spring of 2002 by a group of high school friends in New Jersey. Since then, the Delta Paintball Team has grown in true rags-to-riches fashion from the primitive world of playing outlaw paintball or as we refer to it as the Dark Ages, to being able to travel across the United States and attend some of the most well known events. Today, the Delta Paintball Team is recognized as one of the premier scenario teams in the United States.

In the span of 12 years, the Delta Paintball Team has accomplished more than most other scenario teams could have ever dreamed of. The team has received multiple MVP (Most Valuable Player) awardees, multiple MVT (Most Valuable Team) awards and commanded at some of the world’s largest scenario games. (Such as Oklahoma D-Day and Skirmish’s Invasion of Normandy) The Delta Paintball Team has been featured in over 100 paintball publications, including gracing the cover of Action Pursuit Games and being on the front page of numerous paintball websites. In addition the Delta Paintball Team was featured in Greg Hastings Paintball 2 as an un-lockable team in the Division 1 rankings.

The Delta Paintball Team’s style, aggressiveness, and marketability, has earned respect from both player and company alike, and has allowed the Delta Paintball Team to help lead the way for scenario ‘ball’s reemergence and credibility into mainstream paintball. Furthermore, as the flagship scenario team for GOG Paintball (formerly Smart Parts), the “Boys in Yellow” have built a marketable brand around their antics on and off the field and have quickly become a household name for success in the sport.

As the “frat boys of scenario ‘ball,” the Delta Paintball Team represents a true “players’ team” by throwing players’ parties at select paintball events. These Delta parties have become infamous around the nation for their trademark craziness and good times. As famously written by Dawn Allcot, “what happens at a Delta party stays at a Delta party.”

Additionally, as ambassadors for the sport, the Delta Paintball Team has also ran their very own tournament for charity at EMR games. The Last Man Standing Tournament has gained both media exposure and proceeds, for charities such as Interfaith and St. Jude’s Hospital. The Delta Paintball Team is always concerned for the longevity of the sport, and as such often takes younger players and teams under its wing, guiding them during their first few years of playing paintball.

Over the past few years, the Delta Paintball Team has grown from grass roots to one of the more recognizable scenario and woodsball teams in the United States. All that we’ve done, all that we’re doing, and that we’ll continue to do (kick ass doing) is the result of our team – a band of brothers. We play paintball because it’s fun, we don’t take shit from anyone, and that’s the way we like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How did the Delta Paintball Team (DPT) start?

The Delta Paintball Team or DPT for short was originally a local backwoods team that was started by 4 high school friends. The team slowly, but surely started to gain newer members from recruitment drives at school, our places of business and eventually local fields. With the core 7 members on board, the team started to practice more and more, and proceeded to take on local teams to establish their dominance within the area.

• Why the name, Delta Paintball Team?
In the beginning, the team was originally molded to resemble the elite Special Forces unit, the Delta Force. But after the team members came to their senses and realized the paintball is not war, and moved away from the MilSim side of the sport, to a more mainstream look. Luckily for the team, there was a famous movie about college, titled Animal House with the main fraternity, Delta. While the team is all business on the field, off the field, the team’s hotel/bunkhouses easily resemble that of the Delta House from our off the wall antics when it comes to member initiations, to our toga parties and crazy fire rituals.

• What is with your logo?
The current team logo is one that is aggressive and portrays our “In Your Face” attitude that one has come to expect with the Delta Paintball Team. While not everyone will agree with our pirate themed cross “shocker” symbol, it is who we are. What is the shocker you may ask? Our response has always been to go ask your parents, or in some cases, your kids.

• Why do you guys wear yellow in the woods?
Marketability. One of the reasons that the Delta Paintball Team is as successful as it is today is because we understand how to market ourselves. People see movement, regardless if you are wearing camouflage or bright yellow. Today, when people think of yellow, they instantly think of the Delta Paintball Team.

• What are some of the requirements for joining the team?
For up to date requirements on team membership, please refer to the Pledge DPT section of the website. Only applicants that meet, or willing to meet the requirements need apply. With that said, the Delta Paintball Team is an organization based on certain standards, we ask that you attend a few events with us, and if you mesh well with the team, a member will sponsor your membership to join.

• What does it cost to join?
The current cost to join the team will vary on the level of membership. Associate members will be required to purchase an official stunt double jersey, team hoodie and t-shirt and other associated goods from our current sponsors if you do not presently own them. The total cost being dependent on your gear. For full membership, you must be willing to meet all the monetary requirements set forth in the Pledge DPT section, in addition to the $100.00 dollars for jersey, dues, etc… These costs do not include any non-free items from sponsored companies.

• How many members do you have?
The Delta Paintball Team is capped at an active roster of 30 members. The team has members living currently in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Louisiana, Hawaii and Florida. The Associate members of the team, or “stunt doubles”, are just that, associate members. While they can not meet all the requirements for full membership, they are die hard about the Delta Paintball Team.

• You guys are a scenario/big game team based out of the North East, why do you have members across the country?
At the teams inception, the Delta Paintball Team threw around the idea of being a scenario/big game team with national membership, but it did not pan out with logistics and control that was needed to run a team the size of the DPT. To combat this, the DPT decided to cut its loses and decided to keep its membership to the region. The members who reside outside the region, are attending college or for military reasons. The purpose for keeping the team membership to the region is to keep the team more like a brotherhood then anything else.

• Would you be willing to join my team/organization?
The answer to this question is no. The Delta Paintball Team is its own team, now there are certain teams that we prefer to play along side with; nothing is ever set in stone though.

• What is Delta Paintball, Inc.?
Delta Paintball, Inc. is a Pennsylvania based corporation and is the parent company of the Delta Paintball Team. Delta Paintball, Inc. was founded in 2006, and is one of the only corporate owners for a team in paintball today. The official corporate site is www.deltapaintball.org

• What’s with all the hate for Delta?
The term “I Hate Delta” was coined to mock all the haters and people who do not understand our antics. To our surprise, the mockery took off and everyone wants to rock some “I Hate Delta” garb. Since our original shirts, we have embraced other terms such as “Hateraid” and “Haters Gonna Hate”.

Mission Statement

Delta Paintball’s mission is to blaze new paths, innovate, break down barriers and erase any misconceptions about paintball in general and specifically in scenario paintball. We strive to lead from the front, promoting the sport of paintball to those inside and outside of the game by demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship, respect and cooperation, thus leaving no doubt that the Delta Paintball Team is the face of scenario paintball.

Delta Leads The Way!